Recol Atlas ATS

We make software

We are a team of expert software developers with the mission of creating the next generation of web platforms.

We offer you the possibility of digitizing your business! Handle your products and services through crypto-tokens.

We develop state of the art software customized to your needs to help your company succeed in the digital era.


Our expertise in blockchain has allowed us to collaborate with start-ups in the fintecth and other sectors, and help them successfully launch ICOs and IPOs, launch STOs, tokenize their products through the creation of digital tokens and blockchain contracts, and, in general, digitize their businesses and give their companies an edge through the use of the latest technologies.

Web Development

We develop everything from static web-sites to dynamic and complex web-apps, leveraging the latest and most widely used technologies.


Blockchain integration. From accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to hosting a blockchain node, deploying smart contracts, creating tokens and setting up private blockchains.

Mobile Development

Mobile Apps development for all platforms, using technologies that allow to code only once for iOS and Android, reducing development time and cost.


System administration, including server set up and administration, databases, backups, security and blockchain configuration.


eCommerce solutions, whether it is an integration with an existing eCommerce platform or a brand new development.


Integration with Payment Gateways and all sort of payment services providers, as well as custom solutions for specific scenarios.

Blog / RSS

Development of custom blog sites, including RSS feeds, comments support, subscriptions/followers administration and set up to receive donations.

And much more...

We have experience with tons of other tools and we are passionate about facing new challenges, so do not hesitate to contact us for any project you have in mind.

Some of our projects

We built BilurMarket, a blockchain-powered trading platform, where all type of investors can easily and securely trade bilur eCommodities.

The project included the development and deployment of smart contracts to the ethereum blockchain as well as the configuration of a private blockchain.

We installed Europe's first bitcoin ATM for RBEX. An accomplishment we are very proud of and that shows our interest and early commitment to the blockchain technology and its world of possibilities.

Another blockchain-powered trading platform we have developed is DLT Market. This is a platform for private companies to offer their shares, using blockchain for fast, secure and cheap transactions.

In addition to blockchain, we have worked with latest web technologies such as Node and React.

Through the combination and customization of BilurMarket and DLT Market, we provided SWAP Trading with a platform where they can have companies offer different types of assests (including cryptos) and allow investors to trade all types of assets within the same platform.

In the spirit of constant innovation, we delved into quantum computing and developed RQuanTech.

RQuanTech utilizes an innovative and disruptive quantum algorithm in a variety of financial applications.

Contact Us

If you are looking for a strategic partner to enhance the technical aspect of your business, look no further... let's have a chat. You may reach us via email or our Social Media channels.

If you are unsure about what Recol Atlas can do for your business, or you are not sure we can help you with a specific project, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss it in detail, no strings attached.